Vampire Prosecutor Episode 7 Dramacool (2011)

Vampire Prosecutor Episode 7 Dramacool (2011) : In season 1 episode 7 of Vampire Prosecutor, Min Tae Yeon and Yoo Jung In’s investigation leads them to a group of individuals who are involved in illegal organ trafficking. They suspect that the group may be responsible for the murders they’ve been investigating.

Throughout the episode, we see Min Tae Yeon and Yoo Jung In gathering evidence and interviewing suspects. They also discover that the group has been stealing organs from living donors and that the victims may have been involved in the organ trafficking.

As the investigation progresses, Min Tae Yeon and Yoo Jung In start to suspect that the killer may be someone who is connected to the group and has a grudge against the victims. They also suspect that the killer may be a vampire, just like Min Tae Yeon.

The episode ends with a dramatic confrontation between Min Tae Yeon and the killer, where Min Tae Yeon uses his vampire powers to take down the killer and finally solve the case. The episode continues to build the story and the characters’ motivations, and also starts to introduce the idea of a vampire serial killer with a specific motive related to illegal organ trafficking.

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